Krista got a yoga-esque body for her wedding!

Thank you for the excellent service you provided to me!  I am so thrilled with the results!

I came to you with an old injury that had never quite healed, and I thought it was impossible to get back into shape.  I was frustrated that I could no longer do yoga and knew I needed help to build my strength back after two years of no exercise.  I also wanted to have that “yoga-esque” body again for my upcoming wedding.

I was absolutely amazed as the weeks went by and slowly my vision started taking form!

My posture is better, I am leaner and healthier, and best of all—I dropped a size and can fit into my favorite jeans again!

You motivated me to stay on track toward my goals, including living a healthier lifestyle.

Your consulting was much more than I expected.  Not only did I meet my short-term goal of getting that yoga-esque body, but you also left me with the knowledge, tools and motivation to maintain it long-term.

Thanks again!



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